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What is Our Prevention Plus Club?

Our Prevention Plus Club is an annual wellness plan designed to keep your pet happy and healthy and to save you money and give you peace of mind. We personalize our packages to address every life stage. Each package includes all recommended exams, diagnostics, vaccinations, and preventatives.

From $45/month

*requires 12 month commitment

The Benefits of Enrollment

Savings. On average, Prevention Plus Club members save over $200 a year compared to non-members.

Easy Budgeting. We divide the cost of your pet’s annual preventative care into 12 equal monthly interest-free installments.

Peace of Mind. By enrolling in our wellness plan, you are providing your pet with all of the recommended wellness treatments that he needs for each stage of life.

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Prevention Plus Club vs. Pet Insurance

Our Prevention Plus Club offers all the preventative healthcare your pet requires in a given year. Pet insurance offers coverage for circumstances that may or may not occur, whereas the services in our Club are fully utilized. It is a preventative care package that takes the cost of annual veterinary care and divides it into 12 monthly interest free installments.

What’s Included

Preventive Care Exams

Wellness Tech Visits
Routine Vaccinations
Parasite Prevention
Fecal Exams
Diagnostic Testing
Complimentary Illness Visits
Discounts on Additional Services

Prevention Plus Club FAQs

What is the Prevention Plus Club?

The Prevention Plus Club (PPC) is a wellness club that is designed to provide annual preventive care to help keep your pets healthy. Services include nose-to-tail exams, vaccines, early screening diagnostics, parasite control and prevention, three complimentary comprehensive exams, and more. Since the Prevention Plus Club is not insurance, it does not not include treatment for unpredictable or abnormal conditions; however, discounts would apply. Because pets need ongoing preventive care, Club membership automatically renews at the end of each 12-month period.

Is there a discount included in the PPC?

Yes, all products and services outside of the plan are discounted 5%. In addition, your pet receives three complimentary comprehensive exams with an annual membership. Further rewards are available to all HHVC app users. Download the app today!

What kind of memberships do you offer?

We currently offer plans for puppies, kittens, adult dogs, adult cats, senior dogs (7+ years), and senior cats (7+ years). All of our feline plans are categorized into either an indoor or outdoor lifestyle.

Can I choose which flea, tick and heartworm medication is included in the plan?

Our veterinarians spend a great deal of time researching the preventative medications that they feel are proven to best protect your pets against fleas, ticks, heartworm, and other parasites. Therefore, we offer one brand of medication in our wellness plans. Doing so, allows pet owners to make simple, responsible choices for their pets. Furthermore, pet owners are able to receive many months’ worth of doses, while paying for the medication as part of their monthly plan.

How do I pay for my Prevention Plus Club?

The PPC spreads the cost of your wellness plan across the 12 months of your annual agreement to make it easier to budget for the essential health care your pet needs. We automatically withdraw your monthly payments from a checking or savings account or credit card so that you don’t have to worry about them once you enroll. We also offer the option of paying in full to waive the enrollment fee.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan before the renewal date?

You can cancel your agreement at any time. However, you are responsible for the remaining payments on the plan or the full retail value for services used (whichever is less). If you wish to cancel a plan, contact us to discuss final financial obligations.