Prevention Plus Club

By structuring our Prevention Plus Club around the current recommendations from the AVMA, AAHA, and the AAFP, we are keeping our patients living longer, healthier, and happier lives!

The Benefits of Enrollment:

Savings!  On average, Prevention Plus Club members save over $150 a year compared to non-members (savings include complimentary sick visits and 5% discount on products and services)

Easy Budgeting! The cost of your pet’s annual preventative care is divided into 12 equal monthly interest-free installments, making budgeting easy.

What’s Included:

• Annual exams & associated wellness technician visits
• Semi-annual exams (Patients 7 years & older)
• Vaccines
• Annual supply of anti-flea and tick medication
• Annual supply of heartworm medication
• Annual bloodwork
• Annual fecal testing
• Annual feline leukemia/feline AIDS testing (kittens and outdoor cats only)
• Automatic Enrollment in Hill & Harbour Rewards
• Microchip (kittens/puppies only)
• Two complimentary sick exams per year
• 5% discount on all products and services

Contact us for monthly pricing.

More Than Just Great Medicine.