Have You Gained a Furry Colleague Working From Home?

a person holding a cat on a computer

3 Reasons Why Furry Colleagues Improve Your Mood While Working From Home

Photo by Ruca Souza on Pexels.com

Working remotely has become the new norm for many people. If you have settled into a new work-from-home routine, your four-legged family members are probably overjoyed. No longer home alone all day, they can snooze by your feet, and enjoy occasional petting—although they may walk across your keyboard, or interrupt your Zoom meetings to get your attention. We think furry colleagues are the best colleagues, and we want to see your new office mates in action. Our hospital app’s selfie feature lets you share pictures of your furry co-workers, so we can appreciate their hard work. Show us why working from home with your pet is great—here are a few of our favorite reasons:

#1: Your pet won’t let you work through lunch

It’s easy to get sucked into a project, and work until 3:00 p.m. without taking a lunch break, which we all know isn’t healthy. Low blood sugar and hunger pangs make focusing difficult, to say the least. When you’re working from your den, your pet will never let you work that long without asking for attention, or begging to go outside. Take a 15-minute walk with your pet—be sure to take plenty of pet selfies along the way—and then grab a healthy lunch, to refocus your energy and get back on track.

#2: Pet snuggles = instant stress relief

If a difficult task or teleworking drama has you feeling anxious, take a quick break with your pet. It’s amazing how watching your dog run after a ball in the backyard, or your cat bat at a feather wand, quickly melts away stress and anxiety. A quick snuggle on the couch will lift your spirits, and you’ll resume your work with a more positive outlook. Snap a cute picture to share with us!

#3: Your pet helps you feel connected while working from home

While working from home may be convenient, social isolation is a trade-off that can leave you feeling lonely. Recent market research shows that 80% of pet owners say their pets make them feel less lonely, while 54% say their pets help them connect with other people. Having a furry colleague by your side provides companionship you may be missing by not being in the office.

Download our hospital app by searching your app store for Hill & Harbour Veterinary Center. After downloading the app, select the “selfies” feature from the  drop-down menu, or access it directly from the app’s home screen. Touch the “+” symbol on the lower right-hand corner of the screen, take a picture, or select one from your album, which is undoubtedly full of pics of your precious co-worker. Tell us why you love working with your furry friend, and we’ll include your pet’s photo in our selfie carousel.