2-Way Chat Saves the Day

a person holding a dog

Do you ever wish that chatting with our veterinary team was as easy as texting a friend? With our hospital’s app, it can be! 2-Way Chat is one of our app’s most convenient features. We love that communicating with our clients, and keeping up with our patients, is made easier than ever. We think you will too! Check out five common scenarios where 2-Way Chat will be helpful.

#1: Iffy situations

2-Way Chat is perfect for times when you aren’t sure whether your pet’s issue warrants a hospital visit. You know these situations all too well—your sneaky pet gobbled up something on the sly, and you don’t know whether you should be worried. Simply shoot us a chat message through our hospital app and ask whether you should be concerned that your precious pooch ate some banana (nope, no worries there), chocolate (possibly, depending on the type and how much), or sugar-free gum (absolutely).

#2: Medication questions

You thought you understood how to give the medications for your pet’s ear infection while you were at our hospital, but now that you are home, you can’t remember which liquid goes in your pet’s ear and which is given orally. No problem! With 2-Way Chat, one of our team members can clear up any confusion. If needed, you can quickly send a photo of the medications through the chat, and we can direct you to mark each bottle appropriately.

#3: Odd pet behaviors

You know how that weird sound your car makes miraculously disappears the moment you arrive at the repair shop? Your pet’s odd behaviors can be similarly difficult to evaluate. Instead of prodding your pet’s neck, trying to trigger that snorting sound they make when they’re excited, capture it on video from the comfort of your home, and send it to our team via 2-Way Chat.

#4: Appointment queries

You made an appointment for your pet who has been urinating more often, but forgot to ask whether you should collect a urine sample, or whether we will do so during the appointment. And, since the team member mentioned on the phone the possibility of blood work, should you withhold your pet’s breakfast? Instead of calling back, start a conversation via 2-Way Chat, and we’ll let you know exactly how to prepare for the appointment.

#5: Post-op concerns

It’s normal to be anxious following your pet’s surgery, and you may have forgotten to ask questions about their eating habits, incision, or activity level. If you’re hesitant to call us with yet another question—which we never mind, by the way—sending a chat message is easy. Plus, you can send a photo of the incision if you notice swelling or seeping, and we can let you know if it looks normal, or requires an appointment.

The next time you have a question for our team, take advantage of 2-Way Chat. Don’t have our hospital app yet? Search HHVC in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, download our free app, and start chatting with us today.