Pet Preparedness Month

a dog wearing a firefighter outfit

June is National Pet Preparedness Month. Use these tips to create a plan for your pets before disaster strikes.

As we’ve all experienced this year, disaster can happen out of nowhere and have an impact on not only our lives, but our pets as well. These situations are almost impossible to predict, but you can prepare for the unexpected by staying informed and creating a plan. Here are some tips to make sure you and your furry family are ready:

    • Include your pets in your emergency plans. Typically what is best for you in an emergency is also what’s best for your pets. Whether you decide to stay or evacuate, plan for your pet’s needs and safety as well.
    • Build a separate emergency kit for your pets. You can view’s checklist for items to pack here.
    • Make sure and keep digital records and/or pictures to identify your pet after a disaster in case you become separated. You can use our hospital app to access your pet’s vaccination records at all times. We also strongly recommend that you microchip your pet and keep their registration information up to date.
    • Create a list of places that accept pets if an emergency happens. Use websites such as to find pet friendly hotels and other facilities.

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