Dental Health

Most pets over the age of 3 years experience some form of dental disease.  Just as we need to brush our teeth daily and visit the dentist regularly to keep disease at bay, so do our pets. 

Our staff will take the time to teach you proper “at home” dental hygiene to minimize the risk of future periodontal disease.  Furthermore, our state of the art dental suite, combined with our advanced training in maxillo-facial surgery, gives us the ability to keep your pet’s mouth healthy and pain free. 

In addition, we are proud to be part of a limited number of veterinary practices with digital dental x-ray capabilities.  Dental radiology allows for the visualization of problems lurking below the gumline.  Without this technology it would be impossible to create an appropriate dental treatment plan for your pet.  Because we utilize digital technology we are able to diagnose and treat issues quickly which, in turn, allows us to get your pets out from under anesthesia and back into your arms as fast as possible.

Take a minute to look at the photos below.  These are pictures of the mouth of one of our canine friends.  At first glance, Photo #1 shows a healthy looking mouth with pearly white teeth.  However, if you look at Photo #2, you'll see pockets of gray shadows surrounding the teeth.  These gray pockets were lurking below the gumline of our furry friend and are, in fact, abscesses - pockets of bacteria that are quite painful and serious. 

This is just one example of the advantages of digital x-ray.  We would not have known the extent of dental disease without this powerful tool.