Hill & Harbour Veterinary Center Donates 'Mutt Mitts' on Main Street

We are proud to announce that we will soon start stocking the Mutt Mitt stations on Main Street and at Scalloptown Park as a way of saying thank you to the town of East Greenwich.  Instead of adopting a highway, we are adopting poop stations!  We've been approved by the town, we're making up new signs for the existing stations, and we hope to get going in time for the busy summer season.

Mutt Mitts are used to scoop up animal waste and then dispose of it either in a trash receptacle on the walking route or in an indoor can at home.  Beyond the aesthetic benefits of clearing pet waste from public places, this initiative includes a public health awareness as pet waste is a major point of bacterial and parasitic contamination for people and other pets and wildlife.

Please help us keep our town clean and our pets safe by carrying a spare Mitt or two when walking on Main Street or in the park with your dog.

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