Stay Cool During This #HotDogSummer! πŸ₯΅

Beware of heat exhaustion in your dog! Summer is in full force, and it is hot out there! Please remember: while you’re out hiking a trail, schmoozing your neighborhood, or strolling the sands, it’s hot for your dog, too!  Heat exhaustion in dogs can be an extremely emergent situation. We hear tragic stories about pets being leftContinue reading “Stay Cool During This #HotDogSummer! πŸ₯΅”

Grass awns, weed seeds, foxtails, OH MY!! πŸ™€

These tiny, spiky seeds can cause BIG problems. 🌾 What is a grass awn? Grass awns are hairy, bristle-like, appendages that grow from the ear/flower of barley, rye, and other grasses, and typically flower in June and July. They are also known as foxtails due to their long, unbranched, spike-like flowerheads. Some other colloquial namesContinue reading “Grass awns, weed seeds, foxtails, OH MY!! πŸ™€”