Stress Free Visits

Hill and Harbour Veterinary Center is committed to providing the highest quality of veterinary care.  However, we recognize that visits to the hospital can be quite stressful for some pets. Therefore, we are proud to announce our participation and certification in global initiative to elevate care by reducing stress for our patients and their caregivers. Hill and Harbour Veterinary Center works with the American Academy of Feline Practitioners to implement protocols required to be a certified Cat Friendly Practice ™. These protocols combine the use of anti-anxiety medications, calming pheromones, gentle handling and modifications to the hospital environment to create the most stress-free experience possible. Creating a positive experience for your cat starts at home, so please read this brochure for tips for transporting your cat to the hospital.

Hill and Harbor Veterinary Center is also proud to offer solutions for dogs that experience anxiety when visiting the veterinarian. Our staff is knowledgeable about gentle handling of fearful dogs and the veterinarians can work with you to create an individual plan that works best for your dog, including anti-anxiety medication if needed. In fact, many of our doctors and technicians are Fear Free Certified and would be happy to discuss this program with you.

Please visit our Facebook page as we post the most-up-to-date information about stress-free veterinary visits and what you can do at home.

Please click here to learn more about the Cat Friendly Practice TM program, and visit Our Team to learn about Hill & Harbour Veterinary Center’s “cat advocates.” We have included some helpful links below regarding feline health and minimizing stress, and our Client Resources page has some helpful tips as well.

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