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Our services are designed with your pet’s health in mind

At Hill & Harbour Veterinary Center, our top notch veterinary services are designed to educate our pet parents every step of the way. Together, we will determine the best healthcare plan for your pet’s individual needs.

Our Prevention Plus Club can even help you budget and save for it all! Get in touch to book your first appointment today.

our services

Pet Wellness Care

At the heart of preventative medicine is a thorough exam and an open line of communication.

pet emergency

Emergency Pet Care

Do you know how to tell if your pet is having an emergency? We can help in all urgent care situations.

internal medicine

Internal Medicine

Some pets require more advanced treatments to care for their medical condition, whether acute or chronic illness.

puppy socialization classes

Puppy Classes

Proper socialization helps your pup develop into a well-mannered, happy companion.

veterinary dental health

Pet Dental Heath

Just as we need to brush our teeth daily and visit the dentist regularly for healthy teeth, so do our pets.


Exotic Pets

We offer a wide variety of services for your small mammals, reptiles, and exotic pets.

feline friendly visits

Feline Friendly Visits

We are a certified Feline Friendly Practice and follow specific guidelines to make your cat’s visit as stress free as possible.

behavior clinics

Behavior Clinics

We are excited to partner with Cooperation Canine, a certified canine behavior consultant, on this new initiative.

veterinary surgery


To reach our surgical goals, we uphold the highest standards in veterinary care.

end of life care

End of Life Care

We understand the difficult decisions pet owners must make at the end of their loved ones’ lives.

nutritional consults

Nutritional Counseling

Our doctors can make sure your pet is getting the nutrition they need to live their best life.

veterinarian checking up the dog using an ultrasound machine


Ultrasounds are a gentle, non-invasive way to help us quickly and accurately diagnose or evaluate issues with your dog or cat’s internal organs.

More Than Just Great Medicine.

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