July 4th Safety Tips for Your Pets

Parties, fireworks, barbecues, and other 4th of July traditions can be great fun for people but for pets it can be scary and downright dangerous. Did you know that more pets are lost on the Fourth of July than any other date? Fireworks and other noisy celebrations can scare pets causing them to run away.Continue reading “July 4th Safety Tips for Your Pets”

Social Distancing and Exercising Your Pet

In times of social distancing, our activity options have to change but that doesn’t mean exercising our pets should stop. If your outdoor space is limited, you can still have fun at home while staying active with your pet inside. Puzzle toys, pet-safe laser pointers, feather wands, and even a condensed game of fetch orContinue reading “Social Distancing and Exercising Your Pet”

Is Bad Breath Normal for My Pet?

Celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month by learning the facts about bad breath and what it can mean for your pet. It turns out that chronic bad breath or halitosis is NOT normal for pets! It can actually be an indication of a problem, such as dental disease or another underlying medical issue. Did youContinue reading “Is Bad Breath Normal for My Pet?”

Thanksgiving and Your Pets

The smells of Thanksgiving fill your home and everyone’s mouth begins to water … including your pet’s! This time of year brings out the counter surfing talents of your pets. Taking care to keep irresistible flavors away from your pets palate prevents unwanted illness. Many pets receive small amounts of trimmings from the kitchen throughoutContinue reading “Thanksgiving and Your Pets”

Tips for Making Those Trips to the Vet Purr-fect

According to a recent survey of pet owners, the stress of taking your pet to the veterinarian’s office is a major reason for not seeking veterinary care, particularly with regard to those frisky kitties of ours. However, because your pet needs regular preventive medical care to ensure optimal health and quality of life, here areContinue reading “Tips for Making Those Trips to the Vet Purr-fect”