Keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving

Check out these safety tips 🍗 Thanksgiving is a special holiday that brings together family and friends, but it also can carry some hazards for pets. Follow these tips to keep your pets healthy and safe during the holiday. Say no to sweets! Holiday food needs to be kept away from pets, and be carefulContinue reading “Keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving”

Share All About It! How Online Reviews Help Pets

When searching for a new pediatrician, mechanic, or dentist, do you just pick the first one that pops up on Google? Or, do you spend time sifting through online reviews, weighing any potential pros and cons before making your decision? You likely read through a host of reviews to see what other people experienced toContinue reading “Share All About It! How Online Reviews Help Pets”

How do you know if your pet is in pain?

Here are 6 signs to look for 🐶🐱 September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. Animals are very good at hiding pain, and they can’t tell us what’s wrong. It’s important to be aware of the most common signs of pain so we can identify and treat any problems early. Here are some changes to lookContinue reading “How do you know if your pet is in pain?”

2-Way Chat Saves the Day: 5 Situations Our Hospital App Will Simplify

Do you ever wish that chatting with our veterinary team was as easy as texting a friend? With our hospital’s app, it can be! 2-Way Chat is one of our app’s most convenient features. We love that communicating with our clients, and keeping up with our patients, is made easier than ever—and you will, too!Continue reading “2-Way Chat Saves the Day: 5 Situations Our Hospital App Will Simplify”

Stay Cool During This #HotDogSummer! 🥵

Beware of heat exhaustion in your dog! Summer is in full force, and it is hot out there! Please remember: while you’re out hiking a trail, schmoozing your neighborhood, or strolling the sands, it’s hot for your dog, too!  Heat exhaustion in dogs can be an extremely emergent situation. We hear tragic stories about pets being leftContinue reading “Stay Cool During This #HotDogSummer! 🥵”

Grass awns, weed seeds, foxtails, OH MY!! 🙀

These tiny, spiky seeds can cause BIG problems. 🌾 What is a grass awn? Grass awns are hairy, bristle-like, appendages that grow from the ear/flower of barley, rye, and other grasses, and typically flower in June and July. They are also known as foxtails due to their long, unbranched, spike-like flowerheads. Some other colloquial namesContinue reading “Grass awns, weed seeds, foxtails, OH MY!! 🙀”

🚨 June is National Pet Preparedness Month ⛑

Use these tips to create a plan for your pets before disaster strikes. As we’ve all experienced this year, disaster can happen out of nowhere and have an impact on not only our lives, but our pets as well. These situations are almost impossible to predict, but you can prepare for the unexpected by stayingContinue reading “🚨 June is National Pet Preparedness Month ⛑”

Prepare your pets for flea and tick season!

Learn how to protect you and your pets from these pesky parasites 🐜 No one wants to worry about fleas or ticks being brought into their home from their furry best friend. Not only are they unwanted, but they pose health risks for you and your animals. Did you know that they do more thanContinue reading “Prepare your pets for flea and tick season!”

Easter Safety Tips 🐣🐰

If you are planning to celebrate Easter, don’t forget some of these important safety tips from ASPCA for your furry friends. 1. Chocolate – This yummy treat for humans can cause gastrointestinal upset, pancreatitis, stimulation to the nervous system (hyperactivity, tremors and seizures) and elevation in heart rate for animals. Not all chocolate is created equal andContinue reading “Easter Safety Tips 🐣🐰”