Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

3 Ways to Help Your New Shelter Cat Feel at Home June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, although welcoming a new cat into your home and family is an excellent idea any time of year. However, naturally, your new feline friend may be unsure and anxious in their new surroundings. Try the following suggestionsContinue reading “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month”

Hiking and Ticks

How to Tackle Ticks Safely When Hiking with Your Pet Nothing sends the creepy-crawlies up your spine more than spotting a tick prowling across your pet’s skin. When taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather to go hiking with your pet, help them stay safe from ticks and tick-borne illnesses by following these tips. 1:Continue reading “Hiking and Ticks”

Have You Gained a Furry Colleague Working From Home?

3 Reasons Why Furry Colleagues Improve Your Mood While Working From Home Working remotely has become the new norm for many people. If you have settled into a new work-from-home routine, your four-legged family members are probably overjoyed. No longer home alone all day, they can snooze by your feet, and enjoy occasional petting—although theyContinue reading “Have You Gained a Furry Colleague Working From Home?”

National Chip Your Pet Month

3 Reasons Why Every Pet Owner Should Microchip Their Pet Is there any greater fear than the thought of losing your four-legged friend? No matter whether you live near a busy road, in the middle of a vast wilderness, or in a quiet suburb, you may worry about your pet slipping out an open doorContinue reading “National Chip Your Pet Month”

Spring Skin Allergies in Pets

April Showers Bring Spring Skin Allergies in Pets As spring brings warmer weather and new growth, it also brings something morethreatening—pollen. This yellow substance triggers irritating allergies in people and pets alike and can cause a wide variety of signs in suffering pets. Read on to learn what you need to know about spring skinContinue reading “Spring Skin Allergies in Pets”

Is Your Cat Stressed Out?

Three Potential Signs of a Seriously Stressed Out Cat Cats are highly sensitive creatures, which means they don’t react well to change. Whether the disruption is minor, such as moving clocks ahead an hour and changing a routine. Or major, such as moving to a new home. These things can all lead to a stressedContinue reading “Is Your Cat Stressed Out?”

How To Pack Your Pet’s First Aid Kit

It pays to be prepared. Learn how to pack your pet’s first aid kit. Your furry pal is surrounded by hazards every day. Sometimes, these hazards can cause a life-threatening or fatal condition if not treated quickly enough, which is where pet first aid comes into play. In honor of National Pet First Aid AwarenessContinue reading “How To Pack Your Pet’s First Aid Kit”

Respect Your Cat’s Special Nature

Show your cat that you respect their special nature by following these 3 easy steps. On March 28, we celebrate Respect Your Cat Day. While proud felines typically demand our respect and unwavering devotion every day of the year, make it a point to cater to their unique needs on their noteworthy holiday. Try theContinue reading “Respect Your Cat’s Special Nature”

Danger Alert! Common Pet Toxins

Are you aware of the most common pet toxins and what to do if your pet ingests one? Household toxins are a common source of pet poisoning, particularly in the kitchen or bathroom. However, potential hazards can lurk everywhere, including in your garage, garden, and cupboards. Therefore, it is important to brush up on yourContinue reading “Danger Alert! Common Pet Toxins”

Three Reasons to Spay Your Pet

February 22nd is World Spay Day, a time to reflect on the importance of spaying your pet. Launched in 1995, World Spay Day is an annual campaign to encourage people to save animal lives by spaying companion pets and feral cats. We celebrate World Spay Day annually on the fourth Tuesday in February, which fallsContinue reading “Three Reasons to Spay Your Pet”