Fireworks are scary for pets!! 🎆🎇

Here’s a plan to help keep your pup safe and stress-free this 4th of July It’s that time of year again! Summer is in full swing and, while us humans absolutely love those backyard barbecues, late summer nights, and firework displays, these loud noises and increased activity can cause some anxiety in our four-legged friends.Continue reading “Fireworks are scary for pets!! 🎆🎇”

🚨 June is National Pet Preparedness Month ⛑

Use these tips to create a plan for your pets before disaster strikes. As we’ve all experienced this year, disaster can happen out of nowhere and have an impact on not only our lives, but our pets as well. These situations are almost impossible to predict, but you can prepare for the unexpected by stayingContinue reading “🚨 June is National Pet Preparedness Month ⛑”

May is Lyme Disease Prevention Month

Did you know that tick prevention for your pet is just as important for you as it is for them? Lyme disease is an illness spread by ticks that affects both animals and humans. It is important to keep your pets on tick prevention, not only for their own wellbeing, but also to prevent ticksContinue reading “May is Lyme Disease Prevention Month”

Prepare your pets for flea and tick season!

Learn how to protect you and your pets from these pesky parasites 🐜 No one wants to worry about fleas or ticks being brought into their home from their furry best friend. Not only are they unwanted, but they pose health risks for you and your animals. Did you know that they do more thanContinue reading “Prepare your pets for flea and tick season!”

Did you know about these FREE resources in our app? 💡

The Pet Health Library and Poison Control are right at your fingertips! Staying informed about your pet’s health is crucial to helping them live a long and happy life. As your pet care partner, we want to provide you with as many trusted resources as possible. In our app, you are able to access theContinue reading “Did you know about these FREE resources in our app? 💡”

Easter Safety Tips 🐣🐰

If you are planning to celebrate Easter, don’t forget some of these important safety tips from ASPCA for your furry friends. 1. Chocolate – This yummy treat for humans can cause gastrointestinal upset, pancreatitis, stimulation to the nervous system (hyperactivity, tremors and seizures) and elevation in heart rate for animals. Not all chocolate is created equal andContinue reading “Easter Safety Tips 🐣🐰”

A Pharmacy at Your Fingertips—Order Your Pet’s Medications Through Our Hospital App

“Oh no,” you groan, as you realize you forgot—again—to stop by our hospital on your way home from work to pick up your pet’s heartworm preventive. You quickly set a reminder on your phone for tomorrow, since it’s after hours, and flop into bed, feeling guilty that your pet’s heartworm prevention is falling further behindContinue reading “A Pharmacy at Your Fingertips—Order Your Pet’s Medications Through Our Hospital App”

Announcing: The Top 10 Pet Toxins!

Each year, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) works to provide important and sometimes lifesaving information along with handy safety guides to pet parents nationwide. Last year alone, APCC helped over 232,000 animals! March is Pet Poison Prevention Month, and to help raise awareness of common hazards and toxins to pets, APCC has put together aContinue reading “Announcing: The Top 10 Pet Toxins!”

You Got a New Pet for the Holidays, Now What?

There is so much planning that goes into adding a new pet to the family. What type of pet, the breed, where to get the pet from, housing or bedding needs, food and more. After all this careful planning you may find yourself asking, what do I do once I get the pet? There canContinue reading “You Got a New Pet for the Holidays, Now What?”