National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

How to Evaluate Your Pet’s Body Condition Score National Pet Obesity Awareness Day falls on October 12, but you should pay attention to your pet’s weight all year long. More than half of the nation’s cats and dogs are considered overweight or obese, which can lead to serious health issues. Overweight pets are at anContinue reading “National Pet Obesity Awareness Day”

How to Spot Signs of Pain in Your Pet

Pets are masters at hiding any vulnerabilities, so it can be tough to tell when they are in pain. September is Animal Pain Awareness Month, so do your pet a favor and learn the following common signs of pain to get them help when they need it. 1: Your pet is slowing down or actingContinue reading “How to Spot Signs of Pain in Your Pet”

Back-to-School Time for Pets: 3 Transition Tips

Making the switch from summer to school can be rough for all family members, four-legged ones included. To help make the back-to-school transition easier for your pet, give the following tips a try. Set up your back-to-school schedule ahead of time Going from a leisurely wake-up time of 10 a.m. to 6 a.m. is aContinue reading “Back-to-School Time for Pets: 3 Transition Tips”

How Do Pet Vaccinations Protect My Pet?

Your Questions Answered Although you know your pet needs vaccinations yearly, you may not fully understand what they protect against, how they work, and which ones are necessary. Our team answers these common questions about your pet’s vaccines to clear up any confusion. Question: How do vaccines work to protect my pet? Answer: Vaccines areContinue reading “How Do Pet Vaccinations Protect My Pet?”

Preventive Screenings for Senior Pets

4 Reasons Why Your Senior Pets Need Early Detection Screening Tests It’s no secret that our pets do not live long enough. Along with a shorter lifespan—in relation to their human family members—come rapid health changes, particularly in their later years. Although young pets can develop health issues seemingly overnight, it is much more commonContinue reading “Preventive Screenings for Senior Pets”

Lost Pet? Find Them with 4 Simple Steps

More pets go missing over the July Fourth holiday than at any other time, so if your furry pal is afraid of fireworks, learn how to find them if they take off in a panic. Follow these four steps for the most effective ways to find a lost pet. Step 1: Share your pet’s pictureContinue reading “Lost Pet? Find Them with 4 Simple Steps”

Help Cool Your Pet in the Summer Heat

Summertime is full of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, although high temperatures and humidity can make it uncomfortable for your pet. Help your furry pal beat the heat with the following tips to have a cool pet. 1: Fill up a wading pool for your pet If you have a swimming pool, your pet mayContinue reading “Help Cool Your Pet in the Summer Heat”

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

3 Ways to Help Your New Shelter Cat Feel at Home June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, although welcoming a new cat into your home and family is an excellent idea any time of year. However, naturally, your new feline friend may be unsure and anxious in their new surroundings. Try the following suggestionsContinue reading “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month”

Hiking and Ticks

How to Tackle Ticks Safely When Hiking with Your Pet Nothing sends the creepy-crawlies up your spine more than spotting a tick prowling across your pet’s skin. When taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather to go hiking with your pet, help them stay safe from ticks and tick-borne illnesses by following these tips. 1:Continue reading “Hiking and Ticks”

Have You Gained a Furry Colleague Working From Home?

3 Reasons Why Furry Colleagues Improve Your Mood While Working From Home Working remotely has become the new norm for many people. If you have settled into a new work-from-home routine, your four-legged family members are probably overjoyed. No longer home alone all day, they can snooze by your feet, and enjoy occasional petting—although theyContinue reading “Have You Gained a Furry Colleague Working From Home?”