National Walk Your Pet Month

Get outside every day in January for National Walk Your Pet Month There is a reason that January, the coldest month of the year for those of us in the North, was designated National Walk Your Pet Month! It serves as a reminder that getting yourself and your pet outside every day is super importantContinue reading “National Walk Your Pet Month”

Cold Weather Pet Care

Follow these tips to keep your pets safe during the cold winter months You’re probably already aware of the risks posed by warm weather and leaving pets in hot cars, but did you know that cold weather also poses serious threats to your pets’ health? Follow these tips from the AVMA to keep your pets safe during coldContinue reading “Cold Weather Pet Care”

Holiday Pet Hazards and Prevention

5 Holiday Hazards That Can Harm Your Pet As the year draws to a close, holiday celebrations are still in full swing. But the additional activity and stress present the perfect opportunity for your pet to get into trouble, so keep an eye out for the following holiday pet hazards. Delicious food is dangerous forContinue reading “Holiday Pet Hazards and Prevention”

Indoor Enrichment for Pets

How to Have Fun with Your Pet This Winter When the weather outside becomes too cold and snowy, it can be tough to find ways toentertain your pet indoors. Spice up their exercise routine with the following fun interactive indoor enrichment games and toys to help your pet beat the winter blues. Create a wishContinue reading “Indoor Enrichment for Pets”

Changing Seasons and Your Senior Pet

How to Help Your Senior Pet Handle the Changing Seasons The changing seasons affect everyone differently, but the switch from balmy summer weather to frigid temperatures can really do a number on your senior pet. Here are four ways to help your furry pal easily handle the changing seasons. 1: Give him a heated bedContinue reading “Changing Seasons and Your Senior Pet”

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

How to Prepare a Pet-Safe Thanksgiving Feast An overloaded table filled with your favorite dishes is one of Thanksgiving’s highlights. While you are drooling over a heaping plate, so is your pet. However, many popular Thanksgiving foods are dangerous for pets. Follow these Thanksgiving safety tips, and let your pet join the feast by preparingContinue reading “Thanksgiving Safety Tips”

Halloween Safety Tips

5 Pet Safety Tips to Take the Horror Out of Halloween As October 31 approaches, you may be planning all sorts of spooky activities to celebrate Halloween. If you include your pet in the festivities, ensure you do so safely by following our team’s top five Halloween pet safety tips. 1: Avoid sharing candy bagsContinue reading “Halloween Safety Tips”

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

How to Evaluate Your Pet’s Body Condition Score National Pet Obesity Awareness Day falls on October 12, but you should pay attention to your pet’s weight all year long. More than half of the nation’s cats and dogs are considered overweight or obese, which can lead to serious health issues. Overweight pets are at anContinue reading “National Pet Obesity Awareness Day”

How to Spot Signs of Pain in Your Pet

Pets are masters at hiding any vulnerabilities, so it can be tough to tell when they are in pain. September is Animal Pain Awareness Month, so do your pet a favor and learn the following common signs of pain to get them help when they need it. 1: Your pet is slowing down or actingContinue reading “How to Spot Signs of Pain in Your Pet”

Back-to-School Time for Pets: 3 Transition Tips

Making the switch from summer to school can be rough for all family members, four-legged ones included. To help make the back-to-school transition easier for your pet, give the following tips a try. Set up your back-to-school schedule ahead of time Going from a leisurely wake-up time of 10 a.m. to 6 a.m. is aContinue reading “Back-to-School Time for Pets: 3 Transition Tips”