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When searching for a new pediatrician, mechanic, or dentist, do you just pick the first one that pops up on Google? Or, do you spend time sifting through online reviews, weighing any potential pros and cons before making your decision? You likely read through a host of reviews to see what other people experienced to help influence your choice. As such, you can see the power of online reviews and how they ensure you avoid less-than-ideal situations and find the best professional for the job. Let’s take a look at how online reviews can help you provide gold-standard care for your pet.

#1: Online reviews help provide an “in-their-shoes” look

When you’re searching for the best veterinary hospital to provide your pet’s care, you want to see what other pet owners’ experiences were at your local options. Many online reviews take you step-by-step through a person’s experience at a veterinary hospital, and you can learn a great deal about a practice, from the initial appointment-scheduling phone call, to the bedside manner of the veterinarian, and to the final check-out process. Your own veterinary-hospital experience is just as valuable to your fellow pet owners, which provides them a look at your pet’s appointment and any positives and negatives. By using online reviews to their fullest, you not only help garner the best care for your pet, but provide guidance on care options for others’ pets.

#2: Online reviews offer an in-depth look at veterinary services

Are you looking for a veterinary hospital that offers exotic pet care? Acupuncture? Fear Free methods? Maybe you’re looking for boarding options for your dog pack. A great way to learn more about the services offered by veterinary practices—outside of calling the hospital—is by perusing online reviews. Other pet owners who have left reviews can provide additional information on some of the more unique services offered by veterinary hospitals, which may be just what you’re looking for. Leaving a review of your pet’s care needs and how they were fulfilled will help others make their decision as well.

#3: Leave a review, earn loyalty rewards

We love hearing about your experience at our hospital so much, we offer a loyalty reward for leaving us feedback! Earn paws through our loyalty program by letting us know what we did well, and how we can improve. Not only do you get perks for your time and input, we’ll take your suggestions seriously to offer even better care for your furry pal in the future.

When your pet receives incredible, compassionate care, we want to hear all about it! If you haven’t already, download our hospital app. Search for HHVC in your app store, download the app today, and tell us all about your visit so we can continue striving to offer the best care possible.

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Hill & Harbour Veterinary Center provides medical care to small animal and exotic patients. We are devoted to providing a unique client and patient experience centered on our commitment to excellence. Patients can expect to receive cutting-edge, yet compassionate, medical care at our modern facility. Furthermore, our team is focused on education and has exceeded the traditional standard of veterinary training. Our goal is to share this knowledge with our pet owners, so you can make informed decisions about your pet’s health and wellness. Indeed, we are “more than just great medicine.” Hill & Harbour Veterinary Center is devoted to creating an exceptional experience for our clients and pets by focusing on education, building personal relationships, outstanding customer service, and peace of mind.

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